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Mobile version
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# PC + Mobile


Cross-platform experience

In Argentina MU Games you can enjoy your favorite game from your computer or from your mobile phone. The game is multi-platform, so you can connect with the same account from any device.

  • Available for phones and tablets
  • Play with the same account from PC and from your cell phone
  • Same application for all our servers


# Mobile Version


Can I play on mobile using the same account as on PC?

Exactly! You can use your same data to enter the game from both PC and your phone/tablet.

Can I interact with PC players from mobile?

There are exclusive subservers for those who play from mobile, but you can also enter the rest of the subservers where you will find PC players.

Is the Mobile version different from the PC version?

The mobile version is adapted for mobile devices. Some features of the PC version have not yet been implemented in the mobile version.

Do I need to install a different .APK for each server?

Not necessary. You can play on any of our servers using the same application.


Is it available for iOS?

At the moment the mobile version is only available for Android. We are working to launch on iOS soon.

Is it available on the Google Play Store?

Of course! You can find us on Google Play as "Argentina MU Games" or by doing click here.

What languages is the game available in?

The game is available in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Tagalog, Vietnamese and Chinese (simplified)

# Frequent errors


"Unsafe app blocked"

This error is because Google Play detects the application as suspicious. There is nothing you need to worry about (the application is safe). To continue with the installation you must tap on "More details" -> "Install anyway"


I have problems with the username/password

Make sure you are entering your account information correctly. Remember that CAPITAL/LOWERCASE letters must be respected as you did when creating your account.